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Shogun Officers

Capt Brian Moore

Vice President
Capt Bart Kenerson

Capt Darrin Dronoff

Capt Aabram Marsh


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This page last updated on:
02 Jun 2002
Maintained by:
1st Lt Steve Rose


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Aug 98 USAF Assignment Management System Briefing
Sep 98 18th Supply Squadron Mission Brief
Sep 98 18th Maintenance Squadron 4-Bay Engine Test

           Cell Tour
Oct 98  33rd Rescue Squadron Mission Brief / Tour of
            HH-60G Helicopter
Oct 98  Naha, Okinawa Port Facilities Tour
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Nov 98   USAF Logistics Officer Assignment Team Visit
Dec 98   353rd Special Operations Group Mission Brief
Jan 99   83rd Wing (JASDF) Naha Air Base Tour
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Mar 99   Sponsored/Worked 1999 18th Wing Logistics
             Professional Banquet
May 99  Sponsored Tour of Kadena AB for

             83rd Wing JASDF Log Officers
Jun 99   505th Quartermaster Battalion (USA)

             Mission Brief/Tour
Aug 99   ELECTIONS of new officers for

             Shogun Chapter
Sep 99    USAF Logistics Officer Assignment Team Visit
Oct 99    "Wild Blue" Movie Fest
Nov 99    Battle of Okinawa Tour camera.gif (218 bytes)
Dec 99    Post-ORI Party
Jan 00    Oklahoma City ALC Visit
Mar 00   Sponsored/Worked 2000 Logistics

             Professional Banquet
Apr 00    1st MAW Site Visit (USMC)
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May 00  
LG O Call
Aug 00
    LG O Call
Oct 00
    Pizza Beverage Social
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Feb 01    18 LG/CC Farewell
Feb 01    BGen Gabreski Luncheon camera.gif (218 bytes)
Apr 01     Sponsored/Worked 2001 Logistics  
                 Professional Banquet
Apr 01     LG Officer's Call/LOA Meeting at 733 AMS
May 01   83rd Wing (JASDF) Tour
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Aug 01  505th Quartermaster Battalion (USA)
             Mission Brief/Tourcamera.gif (218 bytes)
Nov 01   SSgt. Wendy Dwight wins $2,000
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Mar 02   961st tour and election announcement

Shogun Activities

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Tour at Naha Air Base

Our LOA Chapter is very active throughout the year. We strive to learn as much as possible about the many diverse logistics organizations right here on Okinawa. These are some significant events in our recent history. If you are interested in them  come on out and join your LOA!!


The Okinawa Logistics Officers Association is an officially-chartered Kadena Air Base organization.
We are a non-profit, non-commercial organization.