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02 Jun 2002
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"For armies languishing in the somnolence of peace, the critical reading of the lessons of past wars is one of the most fruitful means of seriously preparing for future conflict. While no one war has ever resembled another, the illumination of historical study has
often provided useful light with which to probe the fog of distant

-- John A. English On Infantry

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A Joint Logistics Vision for the Future
Army Logistician Magazine
Battlefield Logistics (Newsletter 91-5)
Changes in Light Infantry Logistics
Logistical Implications of Operational Maneuver

  from the Sea

Logistical Planning For War
Logistics in Peace Operations and Humanitarian Assistance

Logistics Supporting the Offense
Logistics: The Past is Prologue
Logistics-Sometimes the Main Effort in MOOTW
NATO Logistics Handbook
Strategic Logistics for Intervention Forces
Synchronizing Battlefield Logistics
The Operator-Logistician Disconnect

A Leader's Guide to After Action Review
Abraham Lincoln on Leadership
Battlefield Leadership (Lt. General Hal Moore)
Building 21st Century Leaders
Chiefs of Staff, US Army: On Leadership &

  The Profession of Arms
Developing Great Leaders in Turbulent Times
Fifth Century Advice for 21st-Century Leaders
FM 22-100 Military Leadership
George C. Marshall and Staff Leadership
Leader Development and Command and Control
Leadership for the New Millennium
Leadership in the Digitized Force
Leadership in the Military Environment
Leadership: A Return to Basics
Lessons Learned # 5 Leadership
Military Leadership into the 21st Century:

   Another Bridge Too Far?
NCOs On Leadership and the Total Army
Officer Leader Development (DA PAM 350-58)
Senior Leadership and Command (A Selected Bibliography)
Some Thoughts on Leadership
Fourth Army War College: Preparing Leaders

   for the Next Century

A Concept of Service
Constructing a Battalion Officer Professional Development


Core Values and Officer Training--Back to Basics
Is Character Still an Issue
Officer Professional Development For Lieutenants
Professional Development
Shortchanging Our Young Officers
The Officer/NCO Relationship
The Profession of Arms (General Ronald R. Fogleman)
The Speech Rights of Air Professionals
Transportation Corps Officer Professional Development

A Matter of Strategic Focus
Strategy as an Art and Science
The Bitter Lesson of Unpreparedness
The Constitutional Role of Congress:

   Lessons in Unpreparedness
The Mark of Strategic Genius
The Study of Strategy
Thoughts on Naval Strategy, World War II

Caesar's Campaigns in Gaul
Combat Studies Institute
Experiences as a POW in Vietnam

   (Admiral James B. Stockdale)
Lessons Learned in 1972 Eastertide Offensive Paid Off
Myths of the Gulf War: Some Lessons Not to Learn
On the Road To Victory: The Red Ball Express
Operation Just Cause
Operation Urgent Fury
The Inchon Landing: A Case Study in Amphibious Planning
The Rommel Myth
The World Will Hold Its Breath:Reinterpreting
Operation Barbarossa

af_clr.gif (7353 bytes)Air Force/Air Power
Air Power Journal
Educating Air Force Officers
Fodder for Professional Development:
Reference Works for the Air Warrior/Scholar
Great Soldiers on Air Power
Isolation of the Battlefield by Air Power
Where Have All the Mitchells Gone?

army_clr.gif (8858 bytes)US Army
Army Institute for Professional Development
Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL)
George C. Marshall The Last Great American
Parameters (Official Army Quarterly Journal)

mc_clr.gif (22983 bytes)US Marines
Marine Corps Institute (Correspondence Courses)

navy_clr.gif (9381 bytes)US Navy
An Address to the Naval War College (Paul Nitzhe)
Naval Doctrine Command
Naval War College Review
Remarks (from Admiral Arleigh Burke, USN, Retired)
The Constants of Naval Warfare

Center for Military History
How Will History Judge Us
The History Net Article Index

Reference Links/Miscellaneous
Becoming a Better Military Writer
Joint Chiefs of Staff Electronic Library
Joint Chiefs of Staff Electronic Library Page
Knowledge Warrior Home Page
Military Review Magazine
Training: Preparation for Combat
United Nations Institute for Training and Research Program

  of Correspondence Instruction
(Correspondence Courses)
Users Guide for JOPES

Many thanks to Jeff Decker for compiling this list of links!!

CSAF Reading List

Basic Reading List
(2Lt to Capt)

Every new captain will receive a shipment of the 13 books on the basic list about 4 months after their date of rank. Officers are expected to have read some of these books prior to attending Squadron Officer School (especially A Few Great Captains and Ten Propositions Regarding Airpower). While there, they will have the opportunity to report on the books during the in-residence curriculum.

Winged Shield, Winged Sword
Nalty (ed.) Air Force History and Museums.

10 Propositions Regarding Air
Power Philip Meilinger,

Air Force History and Museums

Heart of the Storm
Richard Reynolds,

Air University Press

Lincoln on Leadership
Donald Phillips,

Warner Books

The Right Stuff
Tom Wolfe,

Bantam Books

Hostile Skies
James Hudson,

Syracuse University Press

A Few Great Captains
DeWitt Copp,

Air Force Historical Foundation

Winged Victory
Geoffrey Perret,

Random House

Officers in Flight Suits
John Sherwood,

NYU Press

This Kind of War
T.R. Fehrenbach,


Thud Ridge
Jack Broughton,

Imagination, Transportation, Inc.

Intermediate Reading
(Maj to Lt Col)

Makers of Modern Strategy
Peter Paret, Princeton University Press

Air Power:
A Centennial Appraisal

Tony Mason, Brassey's

General Kenney Reports
George C. Kenney,
Office of Air Force History and Museums

Beyond Horizons: A Half Century

of Air Force Space Leadership

David Spires, Air University Press

The First Air War

  Lee Kennett, Free Press

Over Lord

Thomas Hughes, Free Press

The United States Air Force

in Korea

Robert F. Futrell, Air Force History and Museums

Rise of the Fighter Generals
Col Mike Worden, Air University Press

Storm Over Iraq
Richard Hallion, Smithsonian Institution Press

Advanced Reading List
(Col to Gen)

Dereliction of Duty
H.R. McMaster, Harperrenial

Ideas and Weapons
I. B. Holley, Air Force History and Museums

Flight of the Buffalo
James Belasco and Ralph Stayer, Warner Books

The Sky on Fire
Raymond Fredette, Smithsonian Institution Press

Why the Allies Won
R. J. Overy, Norton

...the Heavens and the Earth
Walter McDougall, Johns Hopkins University Press

Hoyt S. Vandenberg
Phillip Meilinger, Indiana University Press

Strategy for Defeat
Ulysses Sharp, Presidio Press

Joint Air Operations
James Winnefeld and Dana Johnson,
Naval Institute Press

On War
Carl von Clausewitz, Princeton University Press

Airpower Against an Army
Lt Col William F. Andrews, Air University Press

The Air Campaign
Col John A. Warden III, to Excel

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