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02 Jun 2002
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By Maj David M. Haar

“Shogun Chapter” LOA President
31 July 2001


The logistics officers at Kadena AB continue to support the largest combat wing’s mission in the AF and still find time The logistics officers at Kadena AB continue to support the largest combat wing’s to come together for some fun and camaraderie.  The new LOA staff was “indoctrinated” in Nov 00 at a social/crud tournament.  The event was a tremendous success with all members thoroughly enjoying themselves with only minimal injuries.  The chapter members took some time from their busy schedules to celebrate the Christmas holiday’s eating deserts and laughing through the traditional “white elephant” exchange.  The “serious gifts” were a humorous surprise while the large dog bone gift was the most desired!  Through the middle of the Okinawan winter the entire 18th Wing and Team Kadena concentrated 110% of their efforts on our preparations for the HQ PACAF IRRI.  After numerous generation exercises the hard work paid off.  The wing efforts were rewarded with an Outstanding rating for Generation/Regeneration by the inspection team…an outstanding tribute to the Kadena maintainers!  During the month of Feb 01 the chapter said goodbye to their advisor, Col Kenneth Emery, 18 LG/CC and welcomed Col Julsonnet moving into both the LG/CC position and taking over as our advisor.  In addition, due to our nomination to the Installation Excellence Award we were honored to have BGen Gabreski visit our base.  The LOA sponsored a logistics luncheon where she was able to provide us some first hand input into current issues and the development of the Chief of Staff Logistics Review.  The luncheon was a total success with 94 logisticians, both officer and enlisted, in attendance.  During the month of April, the LOA’s primary focus was on the annual Logistics Professional Awards Banquet.  The chapter provided the main planning workforce and leadership for the banquet which was yet another success.  The event was supported by 940 logisticians from across the wing, and there was no shortage of spirit with all squadrons demonstrating the ability of projecting their squadron’s war cries.  Near the end of the month the LOA sponsored the logistics officer’s call with the logistics officers spending the afternoon with the 733rd Air Mobility Squadron.  The 733rd leadership briefed on their operations, providing the logistics officers some insight into another diverse aspect of logistics operations.  The 733rd also provided the LOA members a “sneak preview” in their new terminal building.  The building will have state of the art equipment greatly enhancing their operations.  During the month of May the chapter sent a delegation of officers to Naha AB and the 83rd Wing to meet and interact with their JASDF counterparts.  The JASDF logistics officers were exceptional hosts providing the US officers a look into the similarities and difference of their operations.  The afternoon’s event ended with a social with the US officers experiencing traditional Japanese food.  Once again the event was an outstanding success, with new friendships being forged with our host officers.  The “Shogun Chapter” continues to strive to bring the many logistics officers together to broaden the perspectives of all and to enjoy each other’s camaraderie.  The chapter is looking forward to it’s remaining summer events, and will prepare to bring in a fresh perspective and leadership with it’s annual elections.



The Okinawa Logistics Officers Association is an officially-chartered Kadena Air Base organization.
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